Bio: An optimist trying to survive in the cycling industry. Love the freedom outdoors give me. A Latvian no matter where cycling takes me. Not super good with words, which is why I started a blog. (Like that helps)

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  1. Hello Toms,
    Not sure about the best way to contact you, but there are two American cycling fans in Massachusetts who wish you a speedy recovery. Can you help us pronounce your last last name? We feel sure it will be a name to remember! Get well soon!
    Suzanne and Richard

  2. Hi Toms – I’m moving to Latvia later this summer for work, and will be there for three years. Where are your favorite places to ride on the road? I’ve got a fat bike for Jurmala, but it seems Latvia has too many beautiful roads to choose from with my road bike.

    • Hi Paul,
      Wow 3 years. That’s a good commitment. Definitely a good call to ride a fat bike on the sandy beaches of Jurmala. I’d suggest checking out Sigulda and the surrounding area(Saulkrasti, Murjani, Ragana) For quiet roads check out Garkalne, Malpils, Zakumuiza. If you end up driving somewhere further away from Riga just scope out the roads as it’s not that hard to find cool rides. Cesis is also a good one to ride. I’d suggest getting a bike with say 28/32mm tyres cause then you’ll be able to hit some gravel too and that makes for some short cuts and fun riding in general

      • Sveiki Toms, un Liels paldies! I have a Trek Domane for the road, with 28mm tires so I should be in good shape for the roads and gravel. Is there a growing dirt/gravel scene in Latvia like we have in the U.S.? I’m bored with riding where I live near Washington, DC and am looking forward to discovering some new, really beautiful roads/places in Latvia. The only thing I’ll miss are the mountains around here—not much of that in Latvia.




      • Hi Toms – congrats on your new contract with Trek! I live in Riga now and would be happy to buy you a beer or dinner in honor of your new team and to talk about cycling in Latvia.


      • Hi Paul. Thanks for the message. Guess next year we’ll be riding the same bikes. Thanks for the offer on dinner, but a touch busy now. However if you ever see me come say hi.

      • Once Trek sends you your bikes, you can test out the Domane in Vec Rīga and see how well it works, and see what’s worse–the Vec Rīga cobbles or Paris-Roubaix. Congrats again.

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